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  Environmental policy  

Environmental policy during mineral wool production by Termolife company

Environmental policy of Termolife Private JSC is aimed at:

  • enhancing the Company’s Environmental Management System (EMS);
  • maintaining Company’s environmental safety image at a high level;
  • development of effective measures to reduce adverse environmental impacts related to the Company activities.

General Director of Termolife Private JSC shall be responsible for implementation of Environmental Management System (EMS).

Company management undertakes implementation of environmental policy, as well as provision of the resources necessary to ensure successful and effective performance of the Company’s EMS and its analysis.

Termolife Private JCS on its own initiative, within the scope of its activity and in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001, undertakes the following obligations:

  • environmental protection;
  • energy and raw material resources saving;
  • continuous improvement of environment-related activities;
  • ensuring all concerned parties are informed about its environment-related activities and environmental aspects of the end product quality.

Termolife Private JCS shall fulfil the requirements of Ukrainian legislation and other environmental-related requirements to ensure sustainable development and enhancement of the Company products competitiveness.

Company management has defined the following focal points of environmental policy implementation:

  • reducing natural resources consumption per production unit;
  • minimisation of adverse impact of production processes on the environment;
  • preventing environmental accidents;
  • continuous staff development aimed at extension of its environmental knowledge and awareness.

Implementation of the Company’s environmental policy objectives shall be ensured through involvement of all Termolife Private JSC employees.

Observance of the declared approach to environmental policy shall be mandatory for all Company employees, regardless of their position or job function.

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